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  • How much does it cost?
    We have affordable packages with optional add-ons that you can choose from including full makeup and optional products you can purchase as well. DM us on Instagram to get a quote!
  • I am not a model and I have never done a Boudoir shoot before but I want to!
    You don't need any experience for a boudoir shoot. We will guide you every step of the way and by the end, you'll be a natural!
  • Will my photos be published?
    Not without your permission!!! Every model featured on our website or social media has given us written consent to share their photos, so if you want to keep them private that's completely fine by us.
  • Do I have to be naked or topless?
    Hell nah! Boudoir photography is a style featuring intimate, sensual, and occasionally nude images. It's entirely up to the model with how much she wants to show. During the shoot, if you decide to, or decide not to, it's your decision.
  • Do you offer makeup services?
    Yesss! Makeup services are available (highly recommend) as an optional add-on. Please refer to the package add-on list here. You can also choose to have your hair and makeup done yourself prior to the shoot but that's no fun!
  • Can I bring a friend?
    Of course! If you would like to bring a friend for support or as a hype girl/guy, you are more than welcome to.
  • Do you do other photography?
    You know it! We have done multiple family shoots, portrait requests, engagement parties, weddings and pre wedding shoots as well. Please click here to see our packages for other photography options.
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